One day a guy called Jim was on his way home from work and he walked past a homeless man, gave him some change, then continued to the tube station thinking nothing of it.  Jim had always wanted to start a business and had always worn hats yet always struggled with a business idea.  Stood on the tube platform, Jim thought back to the homeless man and how cold it was outside. BOOM - Edit Hats was born.

In the months to follow, Jim researched suppliers, designed a website and a hat; he bought a sewing machine off Ebay, then quickly realised he couldn’t sew, so instead found a very talented lady to do it for him (based in London). 

He called upon friends and family for advice and then in Spring 2015, Edit Hats launched, selling just one hat - the Original Black Beanie.  Jim was overwhelmed by the popularity and as demand increased, new styles were released and the hats also started selling in Russell Brand’s Trew Era Café in Hoxton (where they still sell). 

Whenever enough hats are sold, Jim bags up the hats to donate and heads to food-drops in central London where homeless people go to get food, set up on stalls on the pavement.  At the first drop Jim attended, it was pouring with rain and 30 hats were snapped up in 60 seconds; it was clear they were very gratefully received.  

All of the hats are ethically made, hand-finished in London and sell online, at Trew Era Café and with a new Shoreditch based retailer being announced very soon!

Jim is 29 from a small town in South Wales. He grew up wearing a variety of hats whilst skating and BMXing – hence the streetwear influence.  He moved to South London (Balham/Tooting) in 2014 and currently works at BBC Radio 1.  (The name EDIT came from Jim saving new versions of audio clips in work as 'JIM-EDIT')

For each and every hat sold, one adult sized black beanie is donated to the homeless with help from the Central London division of the Samaritans.

Based in London, shipping worldwide.