A few Novembers ago, a guy called Jim walked past a homeless man on his way home from work and gave him some change. Jim had always wanted to start a business and had always worn hats, yet he had struggled with a business idea.  Stood on the tube platform, Jim thought back to the homeless man and how cold it was - that evening Edit Hats was born. 

Original Black Beanie

Over the next few months, he researched suppliers, designed a website and just one hat; the Original Black Beanie

When Edit Hats launched, Jim was overwhelmed by the popularity and as demand increased, new styles were released and the hats also started selling in retailers.

Whenever enough hats are sold, black beanies are packed up and taken to food-drops where homeless people are offered food, support and often a chance to socialise.

It was pouring with rain at the first drop Jim attended and 30 hats went in 60 seconds; it was clear they were very gratefully received.


Jim (right - wearing Black Strip Beanie) lives in South London, works at Radio 1 and loves snowboarding & BMX; hence the streetwear influence.


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